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The Furniture Surgeon

Shlomi Eini, a/k/a Dr. Sofa®, was born to change the way you feel about furniture. From a young age, Shlomi was sketching and repairing furniture for the family business (which has lasted over three generations). Pretty soon it became apparent that he had more than just a talent; he had an affinity for making furniture.

After his apprenticeship with basic carpentry, Shlomi quickly expanded into upholstery, refinishing, repairing antique furniture, and soon enough was designing his own signature furniture. Working for both the private and public sector of the market, Shlomi has also provided furniture solutions for lobbies, business buildings and more for businesses such as wework.


Having served the New York market for years, Shlomi came across an all too common problem—people would buy furniture that just wouldn’t fit inside their apartments or basements.  This was even more apparent during moves in and out of the city.


Quickly Expanded

The sad truth is that many American furniture designers and manufacturers create their products, more often than not, to be used in private houses as opposed to the narrow nooks and tight spaces of a standard Manhattan apartment. That’s where our Dr. Sofa’s® talents and expertise comes in.


Accredited and nicknamed the “Furniture Surgeon” by his customers, Dr. Sofa®, formulated the perfect  solution to the space limitations of a New York City apartments by taking apart any type of furniture, reassembling it and ensuring that it fits securely into its intended space.

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Indeed, over the years, Dr. Sofa® has disassembled over 10,000 stuck sofas, armoires, etc. in elevators, hallways, stairwells, and doorways across New York City and the Tri-State area. His fully insured services, which are available most every day of the year, include a 24-hour message center, a set price list, a well-trained staff and a quality warranty.


Dr. Sofa® services have continued to grow offering custom-crafted furniture in addition to elite upholstery services, meticulous restorations, and disassembly/reassembly.


Dr. Sofa® clients include: Bank of America, Calvin Klein, The Plaza, NBC Studios, Estee Lauder, Wework, Tiffany & Co., Fox Studios, plus many more.


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