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Custom Furniture and Remodeling for Outdoor Spaces NYC Style

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Cushioned Iron

If you have wrought iron chairs used for garden sets, those are perfect outdoor furniture. Dressed up with new cushions upholstered in outdoor fabric, these sets add an indoor type of comfort to the patio area.

cushioned iron

Beach Scene in Your Backyard


Revive Wooden Furniture With New Cushions

If you have sturdy chairs with wooden frames, all you need to do is to have a custom upholstery cushions fitted perfectly on each one. Change the fabric as needed to match your style and the changing seasons.

outdoor wooden furniture

Use an Area Rug

Transform an outdoor area into a cozier space with the addition of an area rug. It does an amazing job of pulling together all elements into an atmosphere that invites a lot of conversations.

Accentuate the Area with Rich Textiles

Rich textiles that cover upholstery can also look great outdoors. Why hide a boldly colored couch indoors when you can also enjoy the same luxurious feel on your porch or patio? Bring them out if you feel like it.

Sofas are Cool Outdoors, Too