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Custom Furniture: Your Best Bet for Furnishing Small Apartments

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Apartment dwellers can enjoy the maximum comfort even with limited space just by having custom furniture pieces at home. Maximize the use of every nook and cranny without sacrificing style, neatness and ambiance. Your goal is to have enough space to move around without sacrificing functionality and design of room elements. Whether you are designing or planning for new look for your space or you are starting from scratch, know fully well that space limitation is no longer a big issue these days. What factors should you look for when integrating custom furniture in your apartment or room?

Costume Furniture with Multi-functionality

In this age of multitasking, even furniture makers have adapted their designs to this trend. If you can have a sofa or a chair that cat turn into a storage space, then go for it. There are dining chairs that double as something else when need arises. This multitasking characteristic is ideal particularly in bulky and heavy furniture pieces such as beds, coffee tables, and couches. Smaller pieces and wall furniture can also have this design option.

Look for lighter frames

If you plan to have a room that constantly transforms, you will appreciate the benefits of choosing pieces with light frames. Light does not always mean flimsy. If your style taste is towards less bulky and airy furniture, go for durable material with light frames. This is why aluminum, high quality resin, and natural woven materials are popular, particularly for patio furniture.

Try Foldable Furniture

How often do you use your dining table? Many individuals who work outside the home may use the dining table two times a day at most. Some don’t even use it daily, and instead, eat in front of the TV. Then you can save space by having a table that folds and clips to the wall when not in use. The same goes with beds that are just in use for six hours within a 14-hour period. If this is your case, then go for a murphy bed that you can just pull out when needed. A center tables can be designed to fold into a single bed complete with mattress. How about a dining chair that fold out into a step ladder? With creativity and the craftsmanship of the right furniture maker, a lot of possibilities are in store.

Less is More

No matter what the size of your room is, you can merge comfort and full-functionality with the use of custom furniture. A few pieces of multi-tasking furniture can go a long way. You are not obliged to stay within the range of contemporary furniture. If you love traditional style or antique pieces, there are ways a skillful furniture doctor can customize these into useful but stylish design items in your home.

Living in a room or studio apartment with a small space does not mean that your style and comfort will suffer. Strategize the selection and placement of your furniture. Consult a skilled craftsman if needed. DrSofa is always available to take your call 24/7.

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