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How Your Living Room Interiors and Furniture Reveal Your Personality

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

The living room is often called the heart of the home. It creates the impression of your sense of style as well as your personality. One reason why custom furniture creates a huge trend in interior design these days is due to its instant visual impact. While there are current trends and designs seen on magazines and website photos, these are not the ones that will make your home special. Your living room should tell a “story.” The careful choice of elements in your living room will bring the whole scene to life.

The Furniture

Your choice of furniture shows your personality, whether you like it or not. So, why not make a deliberate choice to have your custom furniture to make it more accurate? Through the type of seating options and arrangement, you can see the homeowner’s priorities. Is the person more concerned with comfort? Does the overly ornate and expensive furniture make you feel you cannot sit without having to be extra careful not to damage the silk and fringes? Comfort, luxury, and style can go together. All you have to do is contact an expert furniture maker.

The Colors

The choices you make for your living room color palette also reflects a part of your personality.

Brown – Using a palette of brown shades reflects the priority of safety and security. You are comfortable being around family and friends.

Orange – This color reflects sociability, and a need for respect and acceptance from friends and family.

Red – Red reveals an active personality who loves to experience all the five senses in daily life.

Yellow – A palette in shades of yellow reveals a logical personality.

Purple – Use of purple in interiors reveals some level of perfectionism and a need for emotional security.

Dark colors – Palettes in darker colors especially on furniture, denote a bolder personality.

Lighter colors – Generally, people who choose lighter color palettes express a more welcoming aura into their home.

The Décor

The last of the details that are added into a living room are the décor elements. What your living says about you is the story you wish to tell those who enter your home. What is the focal point of your room? Is it your pet’s gigantic portrait? Is it an antique coffee table with books, or is it a large shelf with trophies or travel mementos? When people enter the room, will they feel laid back or will they be shocked? Choose the impression you want by choosing you décor elements well.

Remember that when you choose your furniture and interior design elements, do it for yourself. At the end of the day, it is you who will stay and enjoy the majority of time at home. Trends, other people’s impressions, and opinions of other will continue to change. If still at the planning stage to renovate the room, in the meantime, you can keep everything neat and clean. It works, too. Just remember to consult your dependable furniture maker, DrSofa for your custom furniture needs.

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