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Impress Your Hotel Guests With a Custom Sofa

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

One of the biggest trends in the hotel interior design industry is the use of a custom sofa and custom furniture. Interior designers of hotels and resorts are beginning to choose customized elements such as lighting fixtures and furniture pieces over mass-produced furniture. The aim of the designers and business owners is to create a unique and distinct ambiance for the guests. This trend of using customized furniture in the hospitality industry is growing steadily particularly in luxury hotels and boutique hotels. In any hotel, the custom sofa welcomes its guests with a feeling of welcoming comfort in its signature design.

Custom Sofa
Hotel Custom Sofa

Why Custom Sofa?

The uniqueness factor has become the selling point of a custom sofa as compared to the ones from a mass-produced lot. Modern hotel guests are in the search for unique experiences that can give then a glimpse of a distinct culture. The common norm of the modern traveler is that everything has to be instagrammable or enviable enough to be shared to social media. A mass produced couch in a hotel lobby or room, just could not achieve the same visual effect as a customized one. Hotels love to stand out from their competitors.

One strategy they use to achieve this is through the use of custom design elements, such as furniture. Some hotels give each room a theme in the quest to provide an exciting curated experience for their guests. The sofa, being a focal point for a room, helps achieve this unique visual experience for the guests.

The Practical Side

Custom does not always mean expensive or costly. A furniture piece custom-made to fit the specifications of a room can last a long time. In the hospitality industry, the durability and longevity of a sofa is a huge consideration when it comes to budget concerns. The exactness of design means there will be lesser movement or none at all.

Project your hotel’s image through custom furniture

Once the guests enter the lobby of a hotel, their experience begins. Every design element, from the architecture, the décor, the furniture, and the colors, contribute to the total ambiance that projects the image of the hotel to every guest, and possibly to the whole world. The aim of every hotel is to offer the best experience possible for every guest.

The initial experience in the hospitality industry starts with visuals. What can make your hotel stand out from the rest of your competitors if you only use ready-made sofa sets? Welcome your guests to sit in comfort and style while waiting or to rest at the lobby.

Add a personal touch

How sweet and luxurious it is for hotel guests to find a custom sofa or chair in their room. Each detail matters, from the hotel lobby to the guest rooms. After a tiring tour or a business meeting, what a great comfort it is for guests to know that a cozy couch is always ready to welcome them.

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